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Malasia junto a una empresa estadounidense se aliaron para buscar al avión desaparecido en el 2014 con 239 pasajeros.  Full Story

Latin America
"A price reduction of 23 lempiras would benefit us all; everyone should understand that," said one taxi driver taking part in the protests.
"Inflation, the fall in activity and the fiscal adjustment brought about by the agreement with the IMF will deepen this trend in the labor market," said one analyst.
"He's very well; hunting and keeping some papaya, corn plantations," said Altair Algayer, Funai's regional coordinator in Rondonia.
"If there's no military coup, there's a parliamentary coup; a judicial court," Bolivian President Morales said on 'Speaking With Correa.' 
"If these regulations had been in place in the 1970s, the bald eagle and the gray whale would be extinct today,” said the Center for Biological Diversity.
"I denounce that the empire is deploying criminal strategies against the government of Brother Daniel Ortega," Morales tweeted.

“It is wonderful that Barbudans the world over, are coming home to assist in charting the way forward for our beloved island,” said Wayde Burton.

According to the Global Slavery Index, the United States is the largest importer of goods at-risk of being manufactured through forced labor.
With a score of 94.00, Daniela Rodriguez's win makes her Mexico's first ever Taekwondo champion in the international sports competition.
With this decision, the Beijing games will see an increase in female representation from 41 percent in Pyeongchang to 45.44 percent.
"This man wants peace in Palestine. President Abbas has a country and has a right,” expressed Maradona on his Instagram account.
In a post on its Facebook page, the group said its action was intended to draw attention to what it said were human rights abuses in Russia.
One producer told Rolling Stone Magazine that "every songwriter in Jamaica" is working on the new album by the Barbados-born singer.
The works of 12 emerging Latin American photographers are on display at the Bronx Documentary Center and throughout the borough of New York. 
Exactly 113 years ago, the warship sunk to the bottom of the ocean along with US$130 billion in gold bars and coins.
According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the name Madiba was derived from an 18th century Thembu chief who ruled in the Transkei.