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In his signature shades of bright blue and crimson red, Almodovar tells a story of love, mourning, and reconciliation.

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For #WorldPoetryDay, teleSUR takes a look at Langston Hughes, the U.S. poet who once referred to himself as a communist sympathizer before the term became a dog whistle for any political opponent.

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The 21st edition of Art Paris will focus on women artists and Latin America and will highlight the effervescent cultural life of the continent.

Mexicans are proud of the Indigenous woman who became the 2018 Best Actress Oscar nominee. 

An unknown individual paid thousands of dollars in Kelly's child support fines, set the singer free for the second time in a month.

The striking resemblance between the “Mona Lisa” and the “Monna Vanna” has alluded art connoisseurs for decades.

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