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"Sergio Pitol is without doubt the strangest, most unfathomable and most eccentric writer," said Ambassador Agustin Garcia-Lopez. Full Story

Margaret Atwood urged VP Gabriela Michetti, a staunch detractor of legalizing abortion, to ask herself if she wants to live in a country where "half the population is enslaved." Full Story

Caricom states will release their official report on medical weed next week, but some state medical officials are still afraid it will encourage recreational use.
Traditionally, Inti Raymi occurred on the day of the Winter Solstice and was the Incan New Year celebration.
The circus welcomes art lovers, businessmen and journalists to join in the revelry and splendor coming to life on the Caribbean island.
"This will be the first time this community has been able to come together in public," LGBTI NGO All Out's Matt Beard said.