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"This museum is the space where we're really trying to showcase the richness of the Palestinian stories," Museum Chair Nizar Farsakh said.

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A pioneer in hip-hop history, Elliot’s gift for lyricism has been widely recognized for over two decades.

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A 90s-era radical feminist punk band whose scream-along sound became a girl-power call to arms will be performing once again after two decades of separation.

The parade is expected to be the biggest event of its kind in Warsaw, a significant fact considering it was banned in 2001.

Requiring woman to wear heels "falls within the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate," said Labor Minister Takumi Nemoto.

After years of being overlooked, woman of color are taking the beauty industry by storm.

"I think it's a brilliant year for Brazilian cinema at the festival and I think, I hope, that this is not in any way challenged by what we're going through in the country," the director said.

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