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The film, ‘Monica and Sex,’ investigates gender norms and sexual stereotypes in select communities around the world. Full Story

Some 500 archaeological objects of pre-Hispanic Nasca, Mochica, Chancay, Huari and Inca cultures were also on display at the presentation ceremony. Full Story

The new French measures are specifically targeted at opening up technical positions to women in the film industry, which has remained an almost exclusively male preserve.
The film tells the story of an elderly couple, abandoned by their children, who live wishing for their visit, and maintaining their religious customs respectful of nature.
Hundreds of fans decked out as iconic and beloved characters, such as mother of dragons and Captain America, flocked to the inaugural Comic Con Africa.
The group of scientists theorizes that the marks - cross-hatch lines, which forms a shape similar to the hashtag symbol - on the red-pigmented rock fragment is about 73,000 years old.
After a 19 year trial, Peru has finally recovered the Sican Mask, an archeological object dated from pre-Incan times.
But animal rights groups have warned that "substituting natural fur with plastic petroleum-based materials, like fake fur" is equally unsustainable.