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Barbuda's single seat could play a significant role in whether Browne retains power.  Full Story

Purchasers in rich countries should be more aware of what they're importing, the report says. Full Story

The Peruvian Foreign Minister says Congress is looking to oust President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, which she says will "complicate" the Summit of the Americas to take place in Lima in April.
The threat of Kuczynksi's dismissal has caused uncertainty in Peru the month before it hosts the Summit of the Americas, which brings together leaders from the Western Hemisphere, including U.S. President Donald Trump.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the government is set to finance an estimated 236,000 new homes thanks to the recent presale of its oil-back cryptocurrency - Petro.
Cano estimates that production, between three and 18 years, will reach 1.2 million ounces of gold annually, "which will make the company one of the most profitable in the world" and added that 55 percent will be used for social investment in the country.
Three members of the Ecuadorean army were killed today by an explosive "apparatus" that detonated as nearby military members were monitoring the border with Colombia under army orders.
The government plans to build another million homes by 2019.
On the day of the elections, the mission will monitor activities in most of the constituencies, including the opening of the polls.