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ECLAC on Tuesday reported amid the COVID-19 pandemic, "national surveys from six countries in the region show between 60% and 76% of women (around 2 out of 3) has been the victim of gender-based violence in distinct areas of their lives."

Political, religious, and social leaders, as well as former dignitaries from different parts of the planet, expressed their sorrow for the death of the Argentinean idol.

On the fourth anniversary of the death of the Cuban revolutionary leader, Commander-in-chief Fidel Castro Ruz, Cubans throughout the island and on social media honor his life and pledge to live by his example. 

A Venezuela-solidarity group organized in France has issued a communiqué demanding the European Union to abandon their confrontational policies with Venezuela's government and respect the upcoming parliamentary elections.

"We see that justice in this country is in a critical state and it is not something recent, but it is a process that has taken several years," he stressed.

This Wednesday morning, the world champion decompensated just a few days after having undergone head surgery. 

Due to exchange rate instability, Venezuela is going through a spontaneous dollarization process as its citizens carry out transactions in dollars.

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