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The president requested an international commission to lead an independent investigation into the August assassination attempt. Full Story

Mothers President Hebe de Bonafini tells the 73rd UN General Assembly not to believe anything Argentine President Macri tells them on Tuesday.   Full Story

Argentina’s largest labor union, which boasts membership from 20 percent of the country’s workforce, strikes against Macri’s austerity measures, bringing Buenos Aires to a standstill.
From New York where he is attending the UNGA debate, the Cuban president stressed that the displaced and the hungry fleeing from wars are "victims of a silent and silenced segregation."
Polls suggest that the race will go to a second round choice between Haddad and Bolsonaro, in which the leftist candidate could pull a narrow victory.
The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry called on its southern neighbor to "assume international responsibilities for the damage caused by the drug trafficking industry."
The Mexican official said he is confident they will be able to reach an agreement for the “migratory phenomenon."