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Australia’s east coast deforestation is threatening the survival of koalas and other native species.

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The device mimics white brain matter, causing tumorous cells to migrate where they can be collected and removed.

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The scientists acquired 45 percent of Mnyamawamtuka’s skeleton, including multiple vertebrae, front and hind limb bones, ribs and teeth, but no skull.

Congenital anomalies in 13 skeletons provide evidence about a demographic decline.

The study claims that this change will likely be noticeable by the year 2100, while other scientists predict that the changes could be visible much sooner, as early as in the 2050s.

The experiment analyzed nearly 24,000 grant applications over five years at the Canadian Institute of Health Research — Canada's main public medical research funder.

The meteorite weighed roughly three tons with a height of ten or 12 km prior to crashing earth’s atmosphere.

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