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This trend defies natural trends according to the scientists, as 2017 should have seen oceans cool as the climate heads out of the El Niño cycle. Full Story

In April 2017, a 66-million-year-old sea dinosaur's skeleton was returned to Morocco after an agreement with the Binoche and Giquello auction company. Full Story

"Peruvians today do not have the right to lose hope," he said in improvised comments in his homily to the vast crowd from his vantage point on a huge altar overlooking the Pacific.
Rescued from the black market, the fossil remains of the duck-like dinosaur – which experts believe may have swum like a penguin – have caused much excitement among paleontologists.
The US aviation giant was forced back to the drawing board after Brazilian officials balked last week at the idea of turning Embraer into a subsidiary.
"We can no longer be shy about talking about the connection between human causes of climate change and weather," warns the American Meteorological Society
Scientists now admit that they still don't know why bee colonies collapse or why such collapses seem to have tapered off in recent years.
The dam levels are currently at 30 percent forcing authorities to cap water usage to 87 liters per day for each person.