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Earlier this year, the Venezuelan government accused the United States of carrying out cyber attacks on its electrical power grid system leading to nationwide blackouts. A similar scenario now plays out in Russia.

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Latin America

Bolivian President Evo Morales reports that one of the three missing Bolivian miners trapped in a Chilean mine was found alive, another dead, and one remains missing.

Tear gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse citizens and journalists who tried to protest into the night.

The Caricom-Cuba Summit end by reaffirming the historic connection of Cuba to the Caribbean community in areas of health, education, and economic justice.


The Houthi-run al-Masirah TV station reported on Saturday that the movement has launched fresh drone strikes on airports in Jizan and Abha regions of Saudi Arabia.

India has officially imposed higher tariffs on a total of 28 U.S. manufactured goods, after announcing retaliatory measures following the withdrawal by the U.S. of key trade privileges.  

New Zealand was awoken by an incredible eathquake, measuring a terrifying 7.4 magnitude on the richter scale.

NGO’s could be fined up to €50,000 and have their vessles impounded permanently for assisting drowning migrants.


The national Venezuelan team showed a well-played football with few to no mistakes, finishing the match on Sunday with a confidence-boosting victory of 3-0 in a friendly game in Cincinnati.

A study has found that Islamophobia has decreased in the Liverpool area since Egyptian soccer star Mohammed Salah was signed by Liverpool F.C.

Sri Lanka captain Dimuth Karunaratne said of the match, 'In the morning it was seaming and swinging. They had that advantage.'

West Indies team won over Pakistan in the Caribbean nation's first match in the 2019 Cricket World Cup


"This museum is the space where we're really trying to showcase the richness of the Palestinian stories," Museum Chair Nizar Farsakh said.

The song is very well received by the LGBTI community for its message against intolerance.

Most expensive painting in the world, missing since 2017, was supposed to be exhibited in Abu Dhabi Louvre, not on a yacht.

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