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Without the morale of a committed widespread support base, downcast opposition supporters now see foreign pressure as their only real hope. Full Story

Latin America
"The MUD was liquidated from within," Jesus 'Chuo' Torrealba.
Brazil's President had been accused of taking bribes and condoning the payment of hush money to a jailed politician.

The measures are illegal, added the ILO, as they contradict several points of the country's Criminal Code.

Reinalda del Carmen Pereira Plaza was 5 months pregnant at the time of her dissapearance by the dictator's secret services.
Stephanie Vallee, Quebec's justice minister said, "We’re talking about having the face uncovered. It’s not [about] what is covering the face." 
The Maryland U.S. judge dubbed the latest travel order an "inextricable re-animation of the twice-enjoined Muslim ban" as proven by Trump's posts.
The event opened with Xi Jinping revealing that the Party’s focus will be on “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”
“Our aim is for the whole team to qualify for next year’s regional competition,” said Felix Portuondo, head coach of the women's team.
“All they have to do is say, ‘do the kneel, you’re out for one game, right? You do another kneel, you’re out for two games,'" Trump said.
Despite his efforts to reach out to all 32 teams to ensure they were aware of his situation and desire to play, he has remained unemployed.
Atletico de Madrid and Barcelona Football Club will meet in a decisive match.
According to a Billboard report, the singer's sister confirmed that "Google came to us with this idea of telling a story."
While Zimbabwe has no official religion, it comes in second place, only behind India, as the country with the most official languages.
Over 100 artists will convene in Caracas to exhibit at "Biennial of the South: Pueblos in Resistance."